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The Piddle Place Stain Painting Artist

The Piddle Place Stain Painting Artist

Visit my work in person!

Visit my work in person!

About Me

In our 1st studio surrounded my many of my stain painted animals.

My Background

I have always loved children, art, animals and nature so after raising my family and making money with arts and crafts I began adding fine art in my studio using wood stain to "paint" and create unique art and furniture that combines it all!

My Medium

I like to use a variety of medium but my current favorite is wood stain. I love that stain painting is different than anything I have ever used and is so versatile in the way it moves. I began making my own colors of stain to match what I want which makes me love it even more

Custom order for a customer as a gift for Christmas.

My Inspiration

I have always loved trying new ways to make things pretty and unique. I use a rag with stain to create art on wood and furniture in ways that are different from the "norm".